Party Access to MyCase (2024)

What is party access?

When you have a court case like a divorce, or a traffic ticket, or you've been arrested for a crime, you are a party to the case. You may be referred to in court documents as a petitioner, a plaintiff, a respondent, or defendant.

Most types of court cases are public records, but many cases include documents that are not public, or that the Indiana Supreme Court has determined should not be available to the public online. If your case is public and can be found on, you can sign up to get online access to the documents in the case that aren't available online to the public. To get access, you must create an Indiana Courts account at and then connect your case to that account following the instructions below.

Sign up for an Indiana Courts account

How to connect your case to your account

To connect a case you will need to find your case at and request a unique code that you can enter into your account.There are several ways you can receive that code, but to request it, you must verify you are a party to the case.

Request a case access code

Once you find your case at, you'll see your basic case information near the top of the case summary. If your case can be connected, there will be a button above the party information labeled "Is this your case?" Click the button to start the process of connecting your case.

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Connect by mail

When you click the “Is this your case?” button, you will need to identify which party you are and confirm your mailing address. You must be able to receive mail at the address listed in your case record. When we receive your request, we will send you a letter with an access code and instructions on how to use it.

If the address listed in your case record is incorrect, you should update it to make sure that your court documents aren’t mailed to the wrong place. To update your address, contact the clerk’s office in the county where your case is heard or file an appearance with your updated address.

Connect in person

You can choose instead to call or visit your county clerk’s office to verify your identity and get an access code. If you go in person, make sure you bring a valid ID, and it's helpful if you can provide your case number.

Enter your access code

Go to to enter your unique case access code. Your code will be active for 21 days from the date you requested it, and then it will expire.

You will have access to your case for 180 days. If you continue to access your case during that time, your access will renew for an additional 180 days from each day you access your case.If your access to the case expires, you will have to request a new access code to reconnect to the case. Cases that you have connected to with active case access codes will be listed in the “My Cases” tab of your Indiana Courts account. You can request up to 10 access codes per day.

What documents are available online

For a comprehensive list of document types available online or in person to the public, to parties, and to attorneys, see the Public Access to Court Documents lookup.

After you connect to your case, when you sign into your Indiana Courts account and view your case at, you will have access to all the available documents in that case. Any available document will be linked in the chronological case summary, which is the list of all the events in your case. You will have access to both public and confidential documents, but keep in mind that not all case types have documents available online, and there may be documents in your case that even you don't have access to view.

If you connected to a case in the past, but the case has become unavailable online, you may still see it in your MyCases list, but you won't be able to click on it. There are many reasons a case may no longer be available online. For example, it could be the court has sealed the case or the case has been expunged.

Court and clerk’s offices maintain the official record of the court.

For questions about a specific case, confidentiality, or parties to a case, contact the county clerk’s office.

If you have questions about connecting to your case online or your Indiana Courts account, you can contact Please note that only the court in your case can answer specific questions about your case.

Party Access to MyCase (2024)
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